Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sowjanya’s case symbolizes struggles of South Indian Women : Gogineni

Mangalore “Sowjanya rape and murder case was as horrific and as horrendous Nirbhaya’s case. It is unfortunate that while Nirbhaya’s rapists were caught within a year of the crime Sowjanya’s parents are still awaiting justice even after 14 months have passed. Is this disparity because of the fact that Nirbhaya’s rape happened in national capital while Sowjanya was murdered in a small village such as Belthangady.” said Babu Gogineni of London based International Humanist and Ethical Union a NGO which has Specialist Consultative status with the United Nations Human Rights Council during media briefing.
“Sowjanya’s parents will be taken to New Delhi where they will present their case, the matter will also be brought before the United Nations Human Rights Council. Such a horrific crime was committed on a child and we were shocked to that the Police Department has not even till this date has not given the charge sheet to the Child Welfare Committee chairperson despite it being a quasi judicial body.”Gogineni said.

Unprofessional Investigation 
“The investigation in this case has been shoddy and unprofessional further evidence is being suppressed. The accused have not only destroyed the evidence but also there have been instances when the police are tutoring the accused. We have been hearing about the involvement powerful family being involved in the case. It is quite unfortunate that the entire judiciary system has been used by the accused to protect themselves. So much the so that the people who have come up with open allegations, NGOs and even the victims’s families have been slapped with defamation cases. This has created fear among the people who are not able to reveal the truth for the fear that they also meet the same fate as others. While only few political parties extended their support to the victim’s family. Rest all are siding the accused,”he added.

Why young women are committing suicide
“The alarming factor is that of total suicides 60 per cent deceased include young women. Now the question should be raised as to why young women are committing suicide. What is driving them towards such a decision. Is there an underlying social or psychological problem? If that is so then counseling should be done? If this is not the case then are the women being killed? Gogineni questioned
“If they are killed then the matter must be investigated. However one positive trend is that from the day when Sowjanya’s case started coming to light the number of suicide case has reduced,”he added.

Let the people being accused come out to clear their image
“We have been hearing the names of a powerful family being stated as accused. And we also been hearing how this powerful family is citing these allegations as baseless. If the family and the people are so honorable then should come out in open and subject themselves to judicial investigation so that they can clear their name. But such a process is not being adopted.”Gogineni said.

Kusumalatha admitted to Ayurvedic hospital

“Further Kusumalatha by deception was admitted to Ayurvedic Hospital citing mental illness. If ever she was mentally ill then why should she be admitted in Ayurvedic hospital,”Gogineni said.

Sowjanya’s case is symbolic of the struggles of South Indian Women

“Sowjanya’s case is symbolic of struggle of South Indian Women and needs same action and attention that the Nirbhaya case received. People should come forward and fight for justice. ”Gogineni added.

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