Saturday, 19 October 2013

I Still have Doubts if CBI will take over Sowjanya murder Case - Vittala Dasa Swamiji

The Sowjanya murder case which has lately become a major issue in the twin districts has led to many controversies. Esha Vittala Dasa Swamiji of Kemaru Math spelt out his stand in the case here on October 18 at Kuthyar, on his visit to Sri Parasurameshwara Kshetra.
"I have no grudge with any individual or religious organization, but my sole aim is to provide justice to Sowjanya's family" said the Swamiji speaking to the media persons. "I had visited Sowjanya’s residence because the locals urged me to support them in the fight for justice". Sowjanya’s Mother had approached him asking for his help and support in their fight for justice as he was a religious leader.

The police department has been inefficient in gathering evidence, the CBI can take lead in investigating the case. Political factors are affecting the case, political personalities are giving statements as to create confusion in the case. Influential people are trying to close the case. Protests were organised to provide justice to Sowjanaya's family and also to spread awareness so that such incidents will not continue. Women are respected and worshiped in India, he added.

People are now alarmed by the protests and the news in the media. Representatives of the people often talk about law order and justice, but in practical it is different. Swamiji also said that he has been opposed for raising his voice for justice in this Case but people are with him and justice will be served. "I am not aware who has killed Sowjanya but the cops have the responsibility to find the culprits where they have failed".

Police with the medical report have till now failed to furnish a proper report which has led to confusion. Due to the negligence of the police personnel, other investigation agencies will suffer, he added. We have lost faith in COD investigation agency, furnishing the COD investigation report within 15 days does not make sense now. There must be a CBI investigation, he added.

We are requesting the Chief Minister to re- investigate the case as to clear the confusion. "If the authorities still fail to take up necessary action we will file a PIL in the High court" he added. When asked about whether he has faith that the case will be transferred to CBI he said "I doubt that the case will be transferred to the CBI"


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